Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dia #1 - Hola todos...

Today I feel just plain JOYOUS... like that bunch of balloons.. 

I found this new cafe right by Humberto's house, and it has wireless so I think it might make it the perfect office spot..

Off to find some yoga classes so hasta manana :)


  1. My dear dear Soph! Good for you-a blog! I miss you already and wish I could be there with you, you have no idea! We had a beautiful day here though but it's my "intern" day so we were in for the most part, BUT did make it to Scups and sat outside! Promise to bring your weather back with you!

  2. Coucou Poulette !
    Ben dis donc, y en a qui s'embête pas, hein !! T'es sûre de ne pas rester plus longtemps, parce que je peux peut-être me faire une petite semaine à Oaxaca ?!!!
    Profite bien, bisous... Karine

  3. I am following you, Sophie! Thank you for making the blog so that we can all vicariously enjoy your are not bragging...RIGHT! :)

  4. YAY!!!! So glad you are sharing with us! No pressure though. Sink in and enjoy every last second. XOXO

  5. Hello all - can you believe that it took me til now to find a way to respond to comments.. anyhow, glad you enjoy the pics and keep in touch!

  6. It looks like you're having a wonderful time! So much color, so many inspirations! Are you drawing or stitching like crazy?